Metamorphosis in the museum

Metamorphosis in the museum

the metamorphosis project

For this project, pupils of the The Hague Johan de Witt school have read Couperus' book Metamorfoze. They were asked to turn their impressions into works of art: paintings, poems, films, blogs, whatever they fancied. Everything was allowed.

This led to nine installations which give a surprising and innovative view on the subject.

Metamorfoze (1897) is especially important for those who are interested in Couperus's biography. The central character is a young author who is struggling with this themes, his writing style and ultimately, with himself. The novel is a veiled autobiography, even though Couperus denies this on the very first page. The pupils of Johan de Witt school recognised something of the transformations in their own young lives in the book. 

Metamorfoze has never been translated into English.

The exhibition has been staged by museum director Josephine van de Mortel and Henk Boelmans Kranenburg, director of the nearby Toverlantaarn Museum: Museum of the Magic Lantern,



Detail of the Metamorphosis exhibition

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